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Commit is a unique opportunity to position your brand, connect with your audience, and engage in the conversations that spark when teams are discovering new ways of creating software.

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< 3 years < 3 years: 21.6% > 10 years > 10 years: 40% > 3 years > 3 years: 13.8% > 5 years > 5 years: 24.6%
Fig.1 Attendee experience
Students Students: 3.6% Others Others: 13.5% Developers Developers: 49% Tech Lead Tech Lead: 11.4% CXO CXO: 5% Architects Architects: 6.9% Analysts Analysts: 10.6%
Fig. 2 Attendee Job role

  • Extend your network with professionals from a rich and diverse ecosystem of software development.
  • Position your brand closer to the IT communities in Spain.
  • It's an opportunity to recruit highly-qualified talent, for both junior and senior positions.
  • Gather feedback about your new products and initiatives, measuring yourself against other alternatives in the market.
  • Share what you do — in the end, it's what this is all about.

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